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My daughter is making a video tutorial on this subject and it should be ready in a few days, but until then this is how you should do it:

To use a superstar sequence using S5 you should do the following:

1) Launch the S5 Sequencer
2) In the upper right, click on "Previews"
3) If you already have a Preview of your display, open that Preview
   If you do not yet have a Preview of your display, click on the green "+" button
4) In the "Preview Design" dialog box, click on the "Add Item" button
5) If you are using a standard superstar prop such as the SuperStar tree with star at top then towards the bottom of the list that appears, click on "SuperStar (online)"

If you have a prop of your own design, keep the highlight on the top item in the list and click on Continue.

7) In the Preview Design dialog box double click on the each prop and you can set the unit Ids or Universes you are using
   At the top of the dialog box, enter a name, and click on "Save"
8  Click on the File menu and select "New" then "musical sequence"
9) The first screen that appears lets you choose an audio file for the sequence
10) The next screen lets you set a preview for your sequence. Select the Preview you just made.
11) In the next screen just click on "Exit"
12) In the main screen of the S5 sequencer you should see a line for the super star Prop that you added.
    You may need to expand the Prop. You want to find the "motion effect" row for the prop, it will be a black row.
13) Right click on the "motion effect" row and choose "Select" then "Row". This will select the entire row.
14) Right click on the selection you just made and choose "insert superstar effect"
15) SuperStar will launch. In SuperStar click on the File menu and select "Open" and open the purchased sequence.
16) Shut down superstar and the sequence information will automatically get transferred to the S5 sequencer and you can play the sequence to the screen and play it to your actual lights.

That's a lot of steps, but once you get on to it S5 is versatile and does a really good job of letting you keep all of your sequencing in one spot.

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