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Replacing a CCP

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Just completed a new prop, a 200 CCP Mega Star for my Mega tree using 4 Cosmic color Pixel strings. I have one CCP that does not display R or G and one that is intermittent, if touched. I can make the bad one work by flexing the encapsulated board.

I also have several other new props for this year that have a couple of unused CCP's in a given string, ty-wrapped behind the prop.

Question is multi-faceted, anyone have any success in cutting open the CCP encapsulation and touching up the soldering and/or can I cut the unused CCP's from my other props and splice them in  and will the string I cut the CCP from still function afterwards?



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My answer would depend on the age of the CCP, if new contact the help desk, explain it, and chances are they will send a new one.

As far as cutting it open, never done it. If you decide to, document what you do to share with others. Or maybe someone alreadys has and there is a video...?



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