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ccr 60 x 50 problems with superstar instant sequence

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i bought the 80 ccr package so i can use the auto sequence in the program but it will only go to 24 ccr 

my tree is 60 ccr full length 360 degree so its big and i hoped to use ss top make sequencing a bit quicker 

there are no trees like this so i cant get a ready to go sequence for it 

all i need is for a 3 minute loop of nice colours and christmas spirit no audio or anything and i hoped to make this in SS

what did i pay 499 for if it cant handle it as one tree ??

is there a way i can get the other 36 ccr to work on the instant sequence 

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There are ways to get effects in Instant Sequence to use more than 24 rows by setting movement to "up same column" or "dn same column". But the better approach is to use the new "Auto Sequence" feature. It is more versatile than "Instant Sequence" and is usable on any number of rows or columns. There is a video tutorial on "Auto Sequence", go to the Lightorama main page, click on "Support" and then click on "Tutorials and PDFs", the superstar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for one titled: Auto Sequence Introduction and Preview

If you have further questions let me know!

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You are welcome!

Auto Sequence takes a little longer to learn how to use, but it can make better sequences than Instant Sequence can.

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