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Hi everyone Im new here and have a question I hope you can help with.

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Hello everyone

So I'm in the process of waiting for all my controllers to arrive so I am prepping cutting soldering designing and installing my smart (ws2811) leds.

I purchased all my hardware and a few lights from wowlights and its all a week away from coming.

I ordered a considerable amount of square and round ws2811 12v leds  directly from china set a few  up and after a quick demo well im so excited.

Now a shipment of ws2811 12v silicone cased lights came today. And when I tested them (with a basic sp105e) I noticed the blue and green were backwards. In the settings I had to set it for RBG then they worked properly but then my RGB lights blue and green were backwards. 

I am assuming I can set this up in either software or in the WowLights E1.31 Intelligent RGB 16 Output Controller. Am I correct?

Now my second question is, can I set each channel in the controller independently or will I have to dedicate a WowLights E1.31 Intelligent RGB 16 Output Controller for these lights only.




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Well I a month later and I can not believe I asked such a simple question.

I learned a lot about null pixels power injection and how to run s4 pretty well. s5 will be learned by next year.

One thing I wanted to share if you have any issues with a string of smart leds that seem to be flashing or just not working right. One inject power at the strip and even if you have null pixels every 10 feet place on of these pixels just before the string and like magic every weird little issue I had disappeared. 

This is what I accomplished after a month next year will be amazing.


square pixel.jpg

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