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Fairytale of New York

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Anyone have fairytale of new york by the pogues with kirst mccoll? Faces, LMS, Pixels, whatever. Great Christmas song and I haven't seen anyone do it before! 

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If I were to even touch that song, I'd have to edit out some of the profanity parts, and it's just not that great for Christmas, and not a song I'd call family friendly.    For a private show, may be okay, but no way would I use that song in my display without some MAJOR editing.  And it starts out so slow, that folks may actually drive away, slow song or songs with very slow components in them do not a good display make.

I only try and use family friendly songs in my display, if you can't sing it in church or hear words contained in the song in church, it's not for me.

Too me, that song was more about slinging insults at each other, creating arguments and sadness with your spouse.  It definitely in my opinion is NOT conducive to the true Holiday Spirit of Joy, Happiness, Glad Tidings, Peace on Earth or what the REAL reason for the season is.  That song is just the opposite of all the Christmas stands for. 

Again, my opinion, but after listening to it, I'll never listen to it again, and sure won't be a part of my Christmas Display.   Not something I want to promote at Christmas Time.  

There are plenty of other comedic songs out there by Bob Rivers, Ray Stevens and others that are whimsical, funny and most of all family friendly.  Those are the types I use.  But this one really insulted me.  I hated it!

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