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Group Preview not displaying correctly

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Using S5. Have a garage roof outline (rectangle shape) that consists of two props:

Garage roof 1 is a lines connected prop 1 segment and 54 rgb nodes. It runs from bottom left corner of garage roof to right.

Garage roof 2 is a lines connected prop 4 segments and 150 rgb nodes. It runs from bottom left corner of garage roof up, then right, then down, then left back to end of garage roof 1 prop.

Basically a rectangle using 2 props. Combined to make a group, Group is set for "use Preview".

When I do a curtain effect across garage roof, only garage roof 1 displays correctly, garage roof 2 goes the opposite way.

In S5, my preview depicts the motion effect correctly, but my display does not.

I have tried different ways to change the group (vertical stack, horizontal stack, nested, etc) and no change.

Am I using the "lines connected" correctly? Do I need to change to something else?

I am also experiencing the same thing on my house roof. However, it uses 3 props and has an overhang so more segments.

Please advise.


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