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Background Effects on RGB channels

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I just started using rgb lights this year.  Due to time constraints, I have not installed S5, and won't until after this year's display.

I would like to have my rgb lights "chase" with a background effect (all on at a 20% intensity, etc.).  I have done this many times with regular lights, but can't figure out how to do a background with rgb lights--unless I want the background to all be white.  I would like different colors.  I have tried everything I can think of.

Hope this makes sense.  Can anyone help me?

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Completely    The RGB implementation of this is not so great.   The way I do it is to be sure each of R and G and B is not zero all the time.    Example.. if you want Orange.. 100% R and 50% G   you must go in and set B to 1%.  This wont mess up the color too much.     Same goes for your source clipboard.   Use a color which always has all three R G & B with some non-zero values.   THEN you can paste using foreground effects and it will work. 

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Thanks, Bob.  I will try that and see how I can do!

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A method I have used.  Put the effect you want in the background at the start and end of your desired chase.  Fill starting point in with background effect and then use the fill tool.  Hard to explain, maybe below will help. I used this method alot on my arches or straight eaves strings. in this case don't use actual background button, just fill the with the desired effect. On or specific percentage intensity, color, etc

1- create colors and size to chase, but what you want in the background at beginning and end

2 - complete chase effect

3 - Fill vertical columns at beginning and end with desired background

4 - use fill tool to fill in the spaces.


B       (FILL)          B-CCC-B              (FILL)                     B

B           (FILL)          B-CCC-B          (FILL)                      B

B               (FILL)           B-CCC-B               (FILL)            B

B                    (FILL)           B -CCC-B          (FILL)           B

B                       (FILL)              B-CCC-B           (FILL)     B

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