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Cosmic Color Bulbs and SE codes

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I have a CCB controller that has 50 bulbs (25 bulbs on each side - s1  s2).  Last year half of the bulbs (25) went dead or started to not work properly. This happened  half way through the season, I did not have time to figure out what happened so this year I am trying to determine if it is a hardware issue with the controller or a programming glitch.  

I recently discovered in the SE that unit 1 and unit 2 do not have the same identical lines.  CCB "OA" s1 has 7 lines and CCB "OA" s2 has 10 lines in the SE.  To help better illustrate what is in my SE, I have attached a word doc with pictures of my actual SE.  It looks like channels 315-317 are used twice in s2 and called both CCB and CCD.  I do not see CCD is s1.  Is this my issue?

Can anyone tell me if my SE is correct?  My next step would be to further trouble shoot the controller, any advice on steps to trouble shoot controller would be appreciated too, assuming it is not a programing glitch.

Thank You

LOR CCB codes.docx

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