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Looking for Mounting Ideas for CCB bulbs and CCP Bullet nodes

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On 9/22/2018 at 11:31 AM, Orville said:

The ones I'm using are able to be set in different positions, they have a tongue on them {see large photo in my post above}, so maybe you could use some industrial double sided tape or possibly Velcro to secure them to your brick retaining walls on the clips tongue line?  

I know 3M makes some type of sticky tape they use on their hooks that will hold on to anything and pull clean when you take it down, won't even take the paint off painted surfaces, leastwise I've never had one do it used for hanging pictures in the house and they do have some for outdoors, but would be extremely costly to use them.   They only come in small packs of usually 5 to 10 clips, at least the ones I've seen are usually a very small quantity, and why it cost a small fortune to use them on hanging Christmas Light strands.   They may have a 20 pack now, but even that is too small a quantity to fill even the smallest of display needs.

Might check with the 3M Company and see if they happen to sell that type of double-sided sticky tape by itself.

One last suggestion is to make a small notch where you want to hang the lights on a clip in the brick, just small enough to securely slide the clip tongue into the mortar between the bricks and keep it held there.  Maybe leave the clips where they are year round so they're always there to string your lights each year.   I did that on my late mother in laws home where we used to live, I didn't leave the clips in, but just notched a small hole to slide a clip tongue into and  between the brick, worked great, and it really wasn't noticeable when the clip was removed, just took a little looking to find the same holes to use them again the next year.

Good Luck.


Good ideas.  I'll experiment.  thanks

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22 hours ago, Richard Hamilton said:

Good ideas.  I'll experiment.  thanks

I'm going to try and experiment with them, the tongue is wide enough that I could drill a small hole in them and maybe mount them using a small screw to areas where I don't want to slide them between roof shingles or other areas where a clip isn't usually able to be used unless it could be secured by other means as well.   And since I have millions of screws, but no double-sided industrial strength tape at the  moment.   Going to give this a try on some parts of my wooden handicap ramp.

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