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details, details, details

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First, all new lighters should first fill in their profile as this information is very important in helping us answer your questions. Your software version and license level is one of the most important pieces of information needed as they can dictate what you can and can't do. This little piece of information can solve 50% of the questions asked in the forum.

Second, when asking for help please give as much detail as possible. Type of controller, type of pixels/lights, number of pixels, voltage, network, distances and anything else possible, it's all important and can affect what is going on with your setup.

Third, the Holiday season is going to start ramping up soon and this forum is going to get very busy. You won't see the veterans around as much as they will be busy setting up their own displays. The new lighters will seem like they are coming out of the wood work so the more info you can give us the faster we can help you solve your problem.

Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, if you don't know or are not sure then ask. I have been doing this for six years, (a newbie considered by others in here  ?)  and I consider myself pretty proficient but I still have questions and I ask in here all the time.

The bottom line is help us help you, the devil is in the details.

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I'm with Mr. P. on this one.  Knowing your license level does help, as well as software version and everything else Mr. P. covered above.

I, too, like Mr. P. would still be considered a Newbie as I started this in Jan. 2010, actually bought my fist controller used in December 2009{after Christmas}, but started collecting my other stuff starting in 01/2010 through 02/2010.

One thing I want to mention here is, this IS NOT PLUG and PLAY.   So many get into this near the Holidays and feel overwhelmed because they can't get their display up and running, they come to the forum here and start asking a lot of questions that don't get answered as quickly as they'd like and sometimes get very frustrated and angry because they can't seem to get the help they're looking for.

Please understand, this IS NOW the time of year we are all finishing up the sequences for our display for this year, we are now in the process of putting up lights for Halloween or Christmas, depending on size of display, many large displays that some have here take months to get up and may start putting things up as early as June or July in some cases.  

Many of the seasoned veterans and those of us that have been doing this for a few years, may not be as active or present in the forums at this time of year.

So don't feel like you're being neglected if your questions don't get answered within a few hours or even a few days, we're all getting busy with our displays, and we still check in with the forums, sometimes that may be once a week for some folks, some of us with smaller displays, like myself, may check in 2 to 3 times a week, but not every day like during the off season.

So please be a little more patient, you'll probably get your answer, but it may just take a little more time than usual.  It's not that we're being rude, again, just busy with finishing up sequences and getting our displays up and ready to go.

Believe me, my first year wasn't my best work and many on here that were around can tell you, that most of us, in our first year weren't up to snuff with a lot of folks around here. 

Just do your best, besides, no one really noticed how bad my first year was EXCEPT the folks that had been doing this for years, and most folks visiting your display probably won't notice anyway.  So just do your best and we'll try to answer your questions as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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I wish LOR would make this be a mandatory feature like some of the other forums. Cant post until your profile is complete. To include state or country. Until your profile is complete you cant post, create new threads or view sections like the coffee shop as well as view other members profiles.

I get requests for sequences via PM's all the time from new members who haven't even posted a "hey my name is, and I am from.....". But they sure don't have a problem asking for sequences and some have turned out to be sellers after a bit of research. In some forums once you fill out your profile and it is approved by a mod the next mandatory visit is to the rules area and you have to acknowledge the rules. 

Nothing worse than someone asking and receiving a sequence to find it the very next day or weeks, months later on Ebay. At least mine are easy to spot.

Then your first post must be in the "New Member" "welcome" thread.

Makes it a lot easier to share with folks if they have their profile complete.


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