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4 songs from my show using S5

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Here are 4 videos from my shows I run. As some know, I run my shows during the spring/summer/fall months. (I work in the rain and have no desires to play in the rain, winter is when I do most of my sequencing) My neighbors/friends/family all plop down in lawn chairs after a nice bbq with our favorite beverage on a warm summer night and watch the lights with a 7.1 surround sound system and a thumping sub woofer. :) It's sort of a mini concert in my backyard. Hence this why my song selection is not Christmas related.

2 of the songs Lily was here and Fanfare for the Common Man were sequenced entirely with Superstar in S4 and imported into S5 with a few additions.
The other 2 songs Witch Doctor and What a Wonderful World were sequenced in S5 and do not include any Superstar effects. Witch Doctor uses only S5 Motion Effects with no pictures, while Wonderful World uses mostly animated gifs.

I also have a Dj Swarm Laser/Led unit that is not running during these videos. It's on my list to try and film the laser.

These videos were filmed with a drone. Some were filmed right before sunset and some as it got darker. I was trying to have more ambient light for the camera so the colors would not wash out as bad. I have copied and made "drone recording friendlier" versions of the sequences. I am experimenting decreasing the intensity levels. That's why the singers seem so dark.

What a Wonderful World is my closer, it's such a mellow song.

System Stats.

Pro License with 40 CCR Superstar License
2,950 smart leds
8,850 RGB Pixel Channels
6 Networks
1 DMX Network (for a Laser/Led Combo Unit)
The display is roughly 100 feet across.






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