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Is there a feature in S5 where you can apply RGB effects across the entire house?  For example, the pinwheel effect to be centered in the display and played across all RGB elements?


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Sure - same method as in S4 Pixel Editor. This requires a Pro license...

In Preview Design, create a group that contains all of your RGB-based display elements/props. When creating the group, set the arrangement to "preview". The slider next to the preview arrangement controls the resolution - low resolution may result in "blocky" looking effects, but will calculate faster and take less memory. 

Then in your sequence, make sure the new group has a motion effect row. Now on that row insert your pinwheel effect, curtain effect, or any other effect.


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to illustrate what Matt is explaining, here's link to some videos that show this action. I made a Group of all my Smart LEDs and can apply Motion Effects, pics, avi's to all the pixels at once. It's an awesome feature.

The songs posted in this thread,  Witch Doctor and What a Wonderful World were both done this way.


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