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DMX Control of none traditional props

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Let me start by suggesting you take a look at this screen shot:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7sfobbbfnpm8lb/DMX Control References.png?dl=0


The red circles show an obvious connection.
The yellow circles are where things get less obvious and I dont have lights connected to prove my theory top myself.

The SEQ has created a 4x4 matrix in the sequencer, r09 c01-04, r10 c01-04, r11 c01-04 and r12 c01-04 (left most circle.

when I then look at that in the prop definition view, there is a 4x4 matrix also - but the columns/rows there start at the top left A1.


The Laser I want to control has 16 DMX channels (the 16 in prop definition), these are the 16 in the shape view. how do these relate to what the sequencer shows, rx by cx.







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This is another "How I do it" post. It may not be what you are after but it's one way of showing how to visually see clues of the laser unit firing.
I have a Chauvet Swarm 9 Channel, Laser, LED, Strobe Combo. I set mine up in S5 as shown in the video.

Since there are no effects in S5 to show what a Laser looks like, I can only rely on visual clues that the channel/prop is firing when I want it to. I have found that for timing and the laser effects I want to use, the unit must connected and running while I add my laser, led, strobe effects. As an example my laser function has a DMX range of 0 - 255, within the range say from 25-50 the laser will fire with a certain pattern and the color blue. Within the range of 51-75 the laser will fire with a different pattern and different color. There is no way I can remember all the patterns and colors, so I find it easier to sequencer the unit "live". I use the Preview that I created to give me a visual clue that "something" is happening with the unit during playback. Since it has been sequenced "live" I know the effects (laser/led/strobe) are timed to what I sequenced.

I suppose I could get fancy and have channel 6 spell out Laser and channel 9 spell out Laser Motor Speed, but it the end it really wouldn't visualize what color, speed, pattern it is doing. Like I said this work for me. Hope this helps.



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Alan - thanks for this. Its actually how I went about doing it. Its a little clunky but it works!

I think it would be relatively easy for LOR it implement a graceful mechanism but I am sure their "to do" list is pretty large :)



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