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S5 sequences with S4 show builder & Scheduler

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Hello everyone,

I will be using sequences from S4 in 2018. I plan on using S4 for now. I have done a couple of sequences in S5 that I want to use this year. Will the S4 scheduler and Show builder be able to use/play S4 and S5 sequences together seamlessly? Or should I go the other way around and use S5 show builder, and S4 sequences will be OK. Or they are the same and no issues either way?



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At this time, the S4 and S5 show builder and schedulers are the same, so you can use either one on your show computer. If using S4, just copy the *.play.lms and *.play.lms.pe.lid files to the show computer (and the audio files of course). For an animation sequence, the files would be *.play.las and *.play.las.pe.lid. .LID files will only be present if you have a Pro license.


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