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Planning to upgrade LOR Software Suite ~ Want to do it right.

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Just want to make sure I have this down correctly when I go to upgrade my old version 3.8.2 to the newest release currently available from LOR.

I go to the main LOR website and click on "Sequencing", then click on  "Sequencing Suite" under the Software header, scroll down and click on the "Upgrade Software" button, once done and on the next page , scroll down and go to the "Software Upgrade" selection window and select the license level I am upgrading from and to, "Advanced to Pro" in my case.   Add to cart, pay and download the newest release.

Have I gotten this down correctly?  Just want to be sure I do this right the first time so everything is ready to rock and roll once I check out.

Hoping to do this very soon if everything goes as planned.

Thanks and can't wait to get to play with the Pixel Editor!

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You’ve got it.


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Thanks Jim for the confirmation.

 Just didn't want to end up in the wrong place and overspending my plans for 2018. :)   My wife would throttle me with all those RGB strands if I overspend what she's giving me permission to spend on this stuff this year.  If I overspend this is the look I'll get: :angry:  And I can do without that. :lol:


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