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RGB LED Warm White Setting

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I've been asked by some friends to put some of my Christmas display lights up in a barn for their wedding in a few months (think very simple - lights will be all on all of the time) and I am using my Ray Wu RGB icicle lights run through a ECG-P2 controller.  Has anyone got any suggestions on easiest way to set the colour in LOR to obtain a warm white colour?   The couple don't want the stark white colour that they normally emit.

For my Christmas displays I usually just have full white all on in my sequences and have never experimented with intensities, etc.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you all :-)

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You need to power them up and try different settings for the RGB levels to get the desired color.  This preferably should be done in the setting where they will be used.  Unfortunate reality is that there is a LOT of variation in the colors from RGB lights.  What works in one may not look good in different ones.  For example, on my P10 panels, I had to go with 255 / 170 / 190 to get a white that I liked (and that was NOT a warm white - about 4500K).  I just powered up my new P5 panels and those levels did not work right.  I have not yet determined what I will need for that panel.  Those also would not be right for the dumb strips in my column lights.

The chart Mr. P gave is a good starting point, but that is all it is - a starting point.


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