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Pixel Editor Vs Superstar - What are the differences?

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Tried doing a search and came up empty on this query, so now that I'm getting into RGB smart pixels/lighting, and will be upgrading my version of the LOR Software sometime in July or August{with a wee bit o' luck} and going for the PRO license.  Also considering the SuperStar license, but not too sure on that just yet. 

Well I need to know what exactly is the difference between the LOR Pixel Editor and the SuperStar software?  

I have played around with the SuperStar demo so know a wee bit, but not a lot, of what it does, but still need to learn more about it.

Do both of these programs do the same thing?    I know the PE works in LOR if you have the Pro license, but SuperStar requires an additional license, that I understand, but I'm not sure if I need SS if PE will do the same or similar job.

Hoping someone here will be able to clarify the differences and options between the 2 and which one is either better or worse, easier or harder to learn and use.  Currently I am still using the same LOR suite listed with my name, 3.8.2, so I have no idea what Pixel Editor does or how it looks or works, whether or not it has a demo mode in the newer LOR Software Suite as SuperStar does with limitations until you get the license or licenses needed to use them fully.

Would very much like to know if there is a pdf file on the LOR site somewhere I missed that explains the Pixel Editor and differences or compatibilities {if any} between the two programs, again, tried searching the forums and other search engines, but kept coming up empty.


And do you really need both?  Or just one or the other?  And which one is preferred?

Thanks to anyone for any guidance or direction to where I can find the info online, or someone sharing their experiences between the two here will help me a lot to learn more of which one I should be more inclined to go with.  This will also help me to know what I've really gotten myself into this time!:lol:;)


Thanks again!

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Great question, and like all complicated questions, the correct answer is: it depends.  They both control RGB lights, but their functionalities are geared towards two separate areas.  In a nutshell, the PE is the software for large-scale RGB displays.  SuperStar is geared towards a "custom-sequenced" element or set of elements where you will want individual control of each pixel at any point in the timeline. 

A lot of people use SuperStar for CCR trees, a situation where you might have 12 vertical lines as a "mini" matrix, displaying characters, text or graphics in perfect sync.  Much like the original Sequence Editor, you have individual control over each RGB light at each moment in time -- if want it. The software enables you to get perfect synchronization with your graphics, but you really have to do a majority of it "manually".

On the other hand, people who have lots of RGB elements tend to use the Pixel Editor.  Pixel editor enables you to overlay live media files on your elements (think patterns, videos, color fades, etc.) and you control the entire effect at once, using ramps, on/off commands, shimmer commands, etc.  You do not* have individual control of each pixel, but the strength of the PE is that you can program tens of thousands of pixels in just seconds.  You can group your elements differently, and apply color in a lot of creative ways.  Click here for a video of a display I did with the Pixel Editor (S5) (*You can get super creative to control individual bulbs / sections, but the majority of what you do in the PE is applied to large groups of lights)

This is a super high-level overview of both pieces of software, but it gives you the gist.  Would you mind sharing what things you are desiring to control?  We might be able to diagnose better what may fit your situation best.  

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If everything goes as I plan, I'll be controlling 5 LOR CCB-100 controllers, each controlling 2 strand of 50 RGB lights (100 per controller/ 500 RGB lights in total}.   And yes, I want to be able to control each pixel both ways, independently of each other and in other scenarios as a batch of RGB pixels, like maybe 5 to 10 pixels per section of the strand, i.e. 10 sections of 5 or 5 sections of 10 pixels.   Hope this makes sense.

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Just a note, have opted to add the SuperStar program for 2400 channels when I also upgrade my LOR Software and license to the newest released version and PRO license.   So I think I should be good to go once I have everything and get all the new software and upgrades.

Thanks for all the info.  Still a lot to learn I know. ;)


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