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Where are we up to?

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Sorry I have been disconnected from all the beta for a few months (new job). Well I am now back on top of everything and in case I didnt tell you, the 2017 Xmas powered by S5 beta worked floorlessly (when excluding user error from the statistic).

Anyway - I already started building a whole bunch of new props for next season and was looking to ensure I have the latest beta so I can continue to give feedback now that I am back online. The last beta I had was .18 and I am not seeing a newer version - is that the latest? I believe I gave all my last feedback on .18 already. Are we ready to review an RC edition?

I wanted to also ask if you had thought about a Papagoya implementation for S5, I know the NC/xL users are very much all over that since it was integrated into their tool. This in turn led to great little utilities such as Papa Assist disappearing. Anyway that could be a great little tool to add to the LOR suite IMHO.


Anyway in the interim I bought a new i7 NUC to become a dedicated LOR server which I will mount in one of the LOR boxes and I am installing a fresh .18 build on that machine. I'll let you know if I run into anything.

>>> LOL just did. Seems OpenGL requires > version 1.1 graphics driver, appears it needs v1.5 - time to scratch the Inhell website to see if they have an updated graphics driver.

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