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looking for a few sequences

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looking for standard 16 channel sequences

24k magic -Bruno mars

what does the fox say- yelvis

flashing lights- elie goulding

boom boom pow- black eyed peas

highway to hell -acdc

zoot soot riot- cherry popin daddys

love shack- b52

never gonna give u up - rick astly       I will be forever in your debt if any one has this one or will make it for me

my email is ilovelakestclair@gmail.com


and any others that would fit this song pro file  I have a big show coming up in a month in my local town where u put as many light on your boat as u can( I am using a  2018 45ft Monterey) and u drive the clinton  river in Harrison twp Michigan and the whole town judges as they party at the bars houses and marinas along the river its about a 3 hour ride total on the boat and I am the only one running a lor controller on a boat there are no prizes its all for community fun   I really want to go all out this year and take first place  thank u in advance and again any help is appreciated   ps the pic is how I had the boat last year with no controller running  this year I will be running the controller and the hull sides will be decorated as well


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forgot to add my email

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1 hour ago, james morris said:

Sent Help

I see your alive :) haven't seen you on much :)

@graham2017 if anybody sent help, this guy certainly did. Between him and Dibblejr. They kept me busy for the last couple months with my Halloween sequencing LOL.

I've got all but two of the songs I wanted for Halloween and I'm already starting on my Christmas sequences.  Holding off requesting songs as I think I added enough to their list to make this year haha

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4 minutes ago, james morris said:

We finished Halloween now on to Christmas  have 26 matrix done 150 more to go

Right On!!!

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I am  on a forced pre surgery vacation. Hopefully I will be back up and running sometime in July. Gotta spend family time since you just never know.


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thank u all very much  I have one more I am looking for as of now if any one has it    TOTO- RAINS DOWN IN AFRICA



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