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DF006 Can cause Intensity Error, while loading sequence

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Report Number: DF006 ? forgot how many I have submitted :P

Module: (Sequence Editor)

Software Version: 5.0.18 Pro

OS Version: Windows 10

While a sequence is loading (usually a larger file size) if I click the "File References" option under the "Sequence Tab" it will cause an Intensity Calc error. The error only occurs *if* you click the "File References" option as soon as the sequence starts to load or very soon after. I have had this happen a couple of times and wondered why if I had a problem with the sequence. If I wait a few seconds, then click the "File References" option the sequence will load fine with no erros. I found this when I wanted to check the sequence Files References to make sure I had copied all the files to a new location. (backing up) I just wanted load the file, check something real quick, then exit.

If after the error, I close the sequence, open it again and wait longer to click the File Reference option, the file will always load fine.  I realize this is a pretty minor bug and it only happens under certain circumstances, but a bug is bug and I dread seeing the Intensity Calc Error.

Repeatability: Everytime, *if I am happy clicking. :)

Handy gif, to show the issue.



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Thanks for reporting the issue -- your screen captures are always so helpful! 

The fix won't be in the next release (5.0.20), but the following one.


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