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Running latest version of S5 and encountered the following issue:

Have group "arch group" that consists of (4) props (rgb-arch-25 sections each).

When choosing "bar" using 6 different colors, the preview on the "arch group" displays correctly but when playing the show in the main preview it does not. Only single colors are displayed.

Any ideas?

All other props and groups work fine. Is there a bug in the "arch" element?



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I just attempted to duplicate your issue.  It worked fine for me, but I want to confirm a setting.  You said 4 RGB arches with 25 sections each.  I assume you mean 25 RGB pixels per arch.  In Preview Editor, did you really set it up as 25 segments of one pixel per segment, or did you set it up as 1 segment with 25 pixels?  I did it the latter and it worked.


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I segment with 25 pixels for each of the 4 arches.

I have continued to program and found when I created the similar element ( only difference was direction....used down instead of up) in a different area of the song.....it worked.

I copied the segment that worked and pasted it back and changed to "up" direction and it worked.

Not sure what is going on.



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