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Sequence editor won't sync with visualizer

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Installed LOR on a new laptop but can't get the sequence editor to sync with visualizer. I double checked that the channel configurations/assignments are the same

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Posted (edited)

Check your audio bitrate is the same on both. I remember somebody else posting about this and that's what it ended up being was a difference in the audio codecs. Perhaps somebody else that remembers that post can chime in on this to assist.

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Not sure what you mean by "sync". Is it not connecting to the visualizer or not in time with the sequence.  Either way the first thing to check is if your video drivers are up to date., then make sure that Play Visualizer is checked in the SE Play menu.

Control panel ( Red light bulb in Sys Tray) and hence Commlistener needs to be running. Make sure that "Use Visualizer" is checked in the Control panel right click menu. 

Comm settings should to be set to Local and port 30303 in the Com/Ref tab of the visualizer Options menu. 

Some video chips and drivers do not support Enhanced Rendering so try unchecking that in the Com/Ref tab.

I think DevMike posted a Visualizer trouble shooting checklist several years ago. I will look for it when I get a chance.

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