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S5 and superstar snowflake preview issue

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Thanks everyone for being so helpful.

I am trying to build a preview for a snowflake and sequence it in super star.  It has 100 pixels.  The videos below show my attempt.  At the end of the second video I play the sequence and only half the snowflake lights up.  So this may be an obvious question, but I am learning LOR in S5 and do not have the benefit of S4 experience.  Thank you!


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I am NOT the best person to help you on this for i really don't know PE or S5 (its new), but i wanted to give you a response until someone better can chime in....

with SuperStar open and your sequence loaded; select scene mode> have color red selected (same for main start and end)>go to anywhere on you grid and hold the ctrl key and left click(select yes in the pop up)..........the entire grid field should have went red,,,,did all the pixels in your vis display light red? If so i would say the instant sequencer is not the best tool for testing, too many options (btw, the TMC is not the ribbons you were thinking in the video-"theme, motion, color" ((if memory serves))). 

If only the same half lit up as before then the problem is probably in the setup of your visualizer or PE.

Sorry i couldn't help more, keep us posted


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