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"Insert superstar effect" problem

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After creating 4 arches in the sequencer preview, I have been attempting to create an instant sequence using the "insert superstar effect" feature.  The sequencer asks me to save.  Superstar opens and nothing happens.  I choose create instant sequence and click the sequence all button and a sequence appears.  At this point it is unclear how to get the instant sequence into the sequence editor.  Has anyone had this work?  If I close superstar and go back to the sequence editor it tells me "no response from superstar".  I have also tried using "export to sequencer".  It gives options to export as legacy or new format (intensity).  I am not familiar enough with S5 to understand anything beyond this point.

In the S5 tutorial section of the LOR website there is a short video that shows this working. 

  I cannot get it to work.

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Just exit SuperStar.


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In your video you mention you want to make the arches with RGB, Your video shows you trying make them with Traditional Lights. You missed a step and did not click the RGB Tab. On this tab is where you set your Network, Unit ID, etc...

See the gif below

btw, Welcome to the Forums




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Watch this video in this thread also, it may help understand the Sequencer/Superstar relation. The First 8:00 minutes are more about Inserting S4 SS effects, not really what you are doing. The video does show example of Inserting Superstar effects in to Sequencer. The video may be updated later today, but just with minor changes.

Hope it helps,



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