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Some props not displaying effects in Sequencer after creating in SuperStar

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As anyone who has been reading this part of the forum knows, I have been working on building my 2018 Preview and making sure the grid layout works right when Inserting SuperStar effects.  With a bunch of suggestions from Matt, I have so far been fairly successful at getting the props to look right when inserting SuperStar effects.

However, I have discovered a problem.  When I built my spiral mega-tree, it works fine if I sequence it in the S5 Sequencer and when sequencing within SuperStar using Insert SuperStar effects .  However after exiting SuperStar. The motion effects line in Sequencer shows the time segment solid white as it should, but playing that section results in no lights on the mega-tree in the display.  Upon some further testing, some props work fine and a couple do not.  I need to do some more testing to see if there is a pattern of which’s one work and which don’t, but so far have not figured out anything consistent.  If I double click on an effect in the motion effects row, it correctly brings up SuperStar and the effect shows correctly in SuperStar, but again, after exiting SuperStar the effect does not show up when playing that time segment .

Any suggestions to check?


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I had a small amount of time to play with this tonight.  This is something that I'm sure relates.  Notice the warning message in this screen capture from SuperStar.


Sure enough, as the warning says, it does not display when this goes back into S5 Sequencer.  In SuperStar this little test segment works perfectly except for the warning message every time I attempted to add a scene.  This is a group (created in Preview Editor) of three props.  From the group, I added a single motion effects row and used that to "Insert SuperStar effects"  Each prop is a single RGB pixel.  It's really my column lights and address sign (photo taken on Valentines night - although the pink is badly washed out in the photo).  I have also had other props do the same thing.


Suggestions, comments???


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I have figured out enough of what does and does not work in order to determine that this appears to be a bug.  I have created an official bug report:


Any further discussion should likely be in that thread and not this one.  This thread can be locked if desired...


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