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Excelent Quality Videos of Displays

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Every year I use my same HD video camera to record my display and every year the videos look good in the camera, but when I transfer them to the computer, they are fuzzy and an the quality is gone.

Does anyone have a suggestion(s) on what my settings on my video camera should be in order to record a high quality video of my Christmas light display?  My lights dance to music, so I keep a few lights on all the time during recording so that the lens stays in focus.




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A number of past thread on filminmg displays.  Do a thread tile search by "video camera" and you'll find a numbe rof them.  Some of the thread talk about camera settings and such for better quality.  I just got a video camera last fall  and had to do some playing around with settings. One recommendation is to turn off auto-focus and go with a set focus distance.  Besides using a "sences -- firework" mode on my Canon Vixia, the focus distance made quite a differerent in quality. 

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Thanks mpageler, I will search the forums for more info.  The autofocus off makes sense.  Camera was always refocusing before I would leave a light on the house on all the time for it to focus on.  Thanks again!!

Mega Arch,

Thanks also for the advice!

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