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problem importing visualizer in S5

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I have tried to import my visualizer file from lor    4.3.24 pro  to   S5. ( finally you will say ) On one prop I get an error. If I remove the prop it goes well. The prop contains 15 spokes with dumb rgb controlled by three CMBD 16. Exactly on the transition from controller A to controller B the error occurs.  Channel 16 of controller A is Red, channel 1 and 2 of the next controller are Green and Blue.   So in my humble opinion it could have to do with the  R   being on the first controller and the   G-B   on the second.  I included the prop in the files.

Please advice, if this will not work in S5 the hardware will have to be setup totally different to comply,  as the last 3 channels  46, 47, 48  are used in another prop  ( 3 x 16 channels, 3 CMBD16 ) All RGB channels are used on a few CMBD16, no spare left.

Thank you for your help.

Dick de Wit

The Netherlands



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Thanks for reporting this issue and providing the files!

I can see that it causes an error during the import. In the next beta release, the import will complete and report warnings for the 2 strings that cross unit numbers. Those 2 strings will be easily fixable by setting the Max Circuits value to 16 in Prop Definition.

Also, you could replace the Visualizer prop with a Fan prop in the S5 preview -- which would simplify things by having a single prop in the preview instead of 15 (1 for each string in the fan).


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