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Miniature Display with SK6812 RGBW

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I didn't know where to ask this questions, so I figured I would go before the world leaders. I have a city scape (miniature 300 led's) that has blinking led's WS2812's RGB. The small scale causes the whites to appear poorly (255,255,255). I'm trying to move to 4 channel RGBW (0,0,0,255) to get perfect whites. Running through a micro-controller with the FastLED library isn't (really) possible with the RGBW. 

The SK6812 RGBW LED strand of 300 leds is a simple loop. 
-Each pixel blinks a specific pattern in a loop, forever
-I am not committed to any micro controller, and LOR's controllers would be fine, however miniaturization is key. 

An example of what the code currently does using the FastLed library on WS2812’s
-pixel 1, green, on 1 second, off 4 seconds, on 5 seconds off 10 seconds, 50% bright
-Pixel 2, yellow, on 0.5 seconds off 0.5 seconds, 10% bright
--Pixel 3, white 10 seconds fades to green 10 seconds fades to red 10 seconds. 80% bright

Thank you in advance for your kind suggestions.


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Hi Joel, I approved your first message, but I am not sure if you are going to get the answer you need here as it sounds like you are not using our equipment (or any equipment that our users have - with the exception of 2812 pixels)

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