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Creating a show onto a SD card for the Show Directors

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Anyone having any problems creating a show onto the SD card via Hardware Utility from a playback file in S5? I was using version 5.0.16. Every time I write a show to the card, an error comes up and Windows reports that there's a problem with the card. I go ahead and scan and fix, and then Windows reports that there are no errors. I also then can no longer copy files to the SD card. Rebooting the computer helps solve the problem and I can write to the card again with no problems until I use the Hardware Utility to create a show. 

I uninstalled S5 and went back to S4, and was able to write a show to the SD card with no problems at all. 


I'm running Windows 10 Home (64 bit) with all the updates as of yesterday.  

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Yes- I've tried 3 different SD cards, all with the same results.  I was using the laptop's own built-in SD card reader. 


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