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Dimming Curves on CTB24D and old 1602W

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Question 1:

It appears that dimming curves or advanced configuration are not supported on the CTB24D.  I'm guessing that is because the D board uses ordinary PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) to "dim" the low-voltage direct-current, whereas the alternating-current uses a type of PWM that has to be coordinated with the zero crossing of the voltage.  Yet I fail to see why that would preclude the use of dimming curves.  Is there a way to do dimming curves on a DC controller?

Question 2:

I have some old 1602W's with the blue boards.  What would be the cheapest and easiest way to get them to do dimming curves?  Will the current CTB16K boards fit into the old 1602W cases, or is there an easier way?

I have no incandescent lights left, everything I am controlling is either LED and/or something that should be strictly on or off, both conditions suited to dimming curves.



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There is no reason that the DC controller cards could not have dimming curves - as far as the dimmers are concerned.  I don’t know if the processor has limitations that prevent it ( such as amount of memory, CPU speed, etc).  Same thing for the older AC cards - which I recall hearing do not have the memory to support dimming curves.  So for your old AC controllers, replacement is the option.  The good news is that newer controllers can also support faster data networks and enhanced protocol.


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