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I hid it, and now can't get it back!

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Converting my existing sequences converted over to 5 and I may have whoopsied!  I don't know how to fix it so will ask.  I  hid some channels, and can't seem to find a way to unhide them.  I have some A/C channels that will not be used next year, some parking and tune to signs.  I made an animation file to run those so they won't blink between songs.  I hid them in the original sequence since they are in the animation sequence, they still show up in the visualizer turning on and off as they we programmed  in the sequence original sequence.  I assumed that hiding them would effectively turn them off but nope!  I cannot seem to locate an un-hide type command.  I am assuming I will have to remove them from the preview, and create a preview separately with just the tune to stuff?  Does this even make sense that I am explaining it right?  Running 5.0.16

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Here's how to "unhide" channels.

I went looking for a thread in which Matt talked about channels still being active even if hid but I couldn't find it. I know I saw it somewhere but no I can't find it. Someone must hid it from me. :P



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