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AC prop conversion to RGB in S5

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Looking for some input for 2018 show as we continue conversion to RGB.

I have a vertical AC prop that we have been using for quite some time in our show.  Not certain what the std prop name would be, but it is an 8 segment vertical pole.  As i'm sure you guessed, each of the 8 segments is currently on a single AC channel.  I've decided to replace it this year with an 480 node, (6 strings of 80 nodes each,) RGB prop.  I've purchased the Boscoyo Pixel Pole and Mounting Strips to use as the framework. This will allow me to mount (80) 12mm RGB nodes each  into 6 mounting strips and then create a 270 degree rgb vertical pole of 8 10 node segments.

Now I'm certain I could create a custom 10 node line prop for each segment of each string and then group each in any way I want then apply motion effects etc to the groups.  What I'm looking for is a more efficient way of doing this.  The Firestick prop is close but it only allows a single string as far as I can tell.  What I would like to have is a single prop that I can fire by segment on all 6 strings simultaneously.  Example a chase with all segment 1's and then all segments 2's etc.  Please see drawing for the prop I'm looking for.  Anyone have ideas?

Do I just need to purchase SS?  It appears that is a lot of $$$ for just a single prop since I don't have a matrix or plan one.

multi strand firestick.001.png

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