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LOR after christmas sale

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I know LOR always does a summer sale but do they do an after christmas sale... if so when is it? i need 2 more controllers for next years show... omg why is this so addicting 

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TBS99 is not kidding about the spring sale being fast.  It's a tax inventory sale, so only what is in inventory goes on sale.  Some items will have very limited stock, and disappear very quickly (like less than 5 minutes).  some stuff will last for a day or more.  Depends on the stock of the item and the demand.  Hint, AC controllers are in less demand because so many people are going to RGB and pixels.  I bought one as soon as the sale started last year (or was it 2016?) and added a second one 16 hours later.  Keep an idea on the forum as the sale gets close to starting.  There are some tricks to getting the really hot items in the sale.  Those tricks will be mentioned.


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