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S5 Standalone Function or Director

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I have a year-round installation of about 160 smart pixels (strips). I have a Pixie 16 Controller and an Easy Light Linker. With SE4, I could create a simple sequence. Single colors worked best. I could use the linker to load the sequence to the controller's Standalone function and, without having to actually go to the controller, I could change sequences. So far, I've not been able to create a simple sequence in S5 that works at all with the Pixie Standalone (File contains no events).   I understand that the standalone function is quite limited. Even with SE4, a sequence that contained a simple color change would lock up on one color after a couple of loops. The Standalone function may not be the solution I'm looking for.

 So my question is: Is there a better way? For instance can I connect a Mini-Director (Indoors) to my Linker (indoors) and have it run the simple S5 Sequences on the Pixie16 (Outdoors and well protected)? Should I just spend the extra $ on the higher end director? I don't want to have to load an SD card and go out to the director. I want my Outdoor lights to be as smart as my indoor lights have become and I want to use LOR equipment.

I have really enjoyed being on the S5 Beta Learning Curve. The Holidays were more fun for me than I deserve.  Thanks for all the effort that must have gone into bringing together what had become a somewhat confusing suite of apps. I remember copying and pasting grids from here to there - not fun. This makes so much more sense.

Recently, I've been experimenting with 11 Channel DMX moving head spots, the super-cheap variety. While I have succeeded in sequencing the light and motion in S5, it didn't come easily. I'm only sharing this challenging experience because ( as happened with smart pixels) there may be more LOR users thinking about multi-channel DMX devices and I know LOR wants to be there when this happens.


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