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What can a mini director control

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I have my show running from my mini director.  If I add a pixie or a pixcon will i need to use my computer or my mini director or my G3 Director.   Ginna begin dabbling in pixels...  With 3 small boscoyo 70 pixel angels.

I presently have 3 LOR ac boxes and 2 cmb24ds...



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Carl~ Mini director can control any of the LOR controllers you can connect. I had 3 pixie16's and an 8 along with 6 AC controllers connected for testing during the summer. CCR tree and Matrix was connected to singing faces.

Computer is much easier but for testing I had everything in my back yard the mini was my backup for this since I didn't want to run yet another network cable and make another hole in house. At show time I use my computer.


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