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I created my 12 ribbon tree in preview.  When it is in the grid, it shows the effect row and then it shows every pixel below it if I enable the channel control.  However, it doesn't have them grouped as String 1, String 2, etc...    So in the grid I grouped each of the 50 pixels as a string and labeled them 1-12. I exported the grid. 

On the next new sequence, when I try to import the grid it bring the prop back without the grouping so I'm right back to just having to group the strings again.  Am I missing a step creating the prop or doesn't the preview have the ability to label each string individually?  It asks how many strings in order to determine the prop and channels... 

How do I avoid having to re-group the strings for every new sequence?  I think the workaround may be to create individual strings instead and then create groups to import/export but that seems counterproductive since there is already the ability to create a tree via the preview...

Secondly, I can't figure out how to sort the pixels correctly.  I want R50,C1, R49,C1 and on down to R1,C1.  However, sorting options don't seem to support that.  I can sort by channel but that puts R1 instead of R50 first.  If I I try the reverse option it also reverses the channels, not just the rows.  (Edit - Hmm...  So if I can group them via strings I can then move them around after the reverse to get them in order, but it would great if it didn't take 3 steps)

So how do I get the grid to come in the same way every time when I import it?  For example my flood lights move up to the second and third rows every new sequence even though I normally keep them last in the grid. I don't remember this issue with S4..?

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