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Video: Building a S5 Sequence from a S4 Sequence - How I do it

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As the Christmas lighting season comes to an end, there are people who have not ventured into the new S5 beta version of LOR. I have been using it for alwhile now and thought I would make a video to show how I converted (rebuilt) a S4 Sequence to the new S5 Sequence. There is nothing earth shattering in the video. It's just the way I go about building a new S5 sequence.

The most important thing I discovered is how much smaller a S5 sequence will be after a it is built this way. *Spoiler Alert* the file size of the S4 sequence of Johnny B Good went from 151mb in S4 to 2.8mb in S5. That's a huge reduction.

If you use(d) Superstar to sequence props, this video shows how to "Insert Superstar Effects" into S5 instead of copy and pasting channels, it is easier and much faster to insert the entire SS .sup file into S5.

While recording the video, I had a major brain freeze and could not remember what controllers controlled certain props. :huh:

The smart props shown in the video are as follows;
The Matrix is a Pixie16 Controller with 16 strings of 50 Leds.
The Blade Spinner is a Pixie16 Controller with 16 strings of 50 Leds.
The Circles are 3 CCR's 150 leds.
The Pixel Spinner and Tree are 4 CCP's with 2 strings of 50 Leds.
The RGB "dumb" Tree is a CMD24.

As mentioned in the video, the key to success with Inserting Superstr Effects into S5, is to have the prop grid that you use in S5, must match exactly the same grid you use in SS. Spend time learning and understanding how to setup your smart RGB props in S5, and you will be good to go. I went round and round with this for quite alwhile beofre I figured that out.
Hope the video helps, any question, just ask.




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