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Sharing Picture Files

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I spent countless weeks finding and formatting pictures that I used this year. I bought 2 of the "standard" LOR 16 x 50 packages and built 2 32 x 25 matrixes using the 2 " spacing coro mesh. They turned out nice. Along the way, Matt was nice enough to add some things I wanted into the standard shapes of V5. I have more I would like to see in there, but I realize that there are much more important things that LOR needs to work on in the next year.  As I mentioned, I ended up creating a lot of picture files. This involved finding the gifs, editing them with a Pixel editor to get the right sizes and backgrounds etc. Given the scaling feature of V5 they might be of use to other folks with different prop sizes.

So to my question. Does anyone on this forum and/or LOR folks think it might be a good idea if we could upload pics to some area on the forum for all to share and use?

Just an idea.

I am not sure what the downsides of doing this might be e.g viruses etc.


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Hey Steve,

I like your idea. I also spend a lot of time looking for and editing picture files, mostly gif animations that can end up as pretty good motion effects. I recently posted an idea for an effect based on a gif I edited and manipulated in Photoshop Elements 15. I attached an example. I'm sure other people make similar discoveries. I'd appreciate seeing the images that others have used effectively.

Thanks for putting the idea out there.



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