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updating a song during a show?

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Lets say you see somethings you want to change in a song and make those changes to the sequence. Is it possible to make an update to a song while a show is running, so the next time in the show when that song comes on the changes are in place? Or does the show have to be stopped and restarted for a sequencing change to take place?

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If I remember correctly, it works like this.

Changes to an LMS file do not show up unless the show is stopped and restarted. A change to the show file's content will also cause a restart from the top.

If you are using compressed sequences and you probably should, It is possible that if you compress  the sequence manually  it may  load the new version. 

I will have to test that to be sure though.

Ran a quick check and manually recompressing does not work either.

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It depends on how the sequence is created and played.  If the sequence was created as an intensity file (from either SuperStar or Pixel Editor), you absolutely can update the sequence during the show.  I do that regularly.  Each time a sequence with an intensity file is played, the intensity file is read while the sequence plays.  The only time you can't update the intensity files is while that sequence is playing.

For "normal" .lms files, generally the LOR show player will load the sequence either the first time it is played in the show or at the beginning of the show (depending on how you have the show set up).  Normally once the sequence is loaded, it is played from memory.  The only time it is reloaded is if the show computer runs out of memory and starts unloading sequences.


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Thanks for the info guys :)  

I tried it out and there was no change in the sequence, so what you said seems to be the way the program works. Once the sequence is loaded into memory it keeps using that info. Only way is to restart the show or wait until the next show is scheduled to run. Not a big deal, was just trying to see a change in sequencing without disrupting the running show.

I'm not using SuperStar or Pixel Editor or intensity files... I have the Advanced license.

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