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Schedule Sequence still playing

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Hi guys, 

I am helping my father to have a show. I have already added the songs and saved the show file. For now he has only two songs set up. The total time of the songs is 6:12 and so when we set a schedule say example 6:30-6:36:12, the songs play and then continue instead of stopping and waiting for the next scheduled time on the same day. Anyone know what might be the issue?

thank you for your assistance.

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Personally, I'd change up the show a bit. In the Musical tab put in the two songs, then 3, 10 minute animation all on/off sequences. Change the show to run 30 minutes.

Since LOR will stop an animation sequence at the end of a show then you'd be able to go into the next show right away. Just make sure that total length of the show is longer than you actually want it to be. Also, again, make sure you have animation sequences after the 2 musical sequences.


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I'll add to what Don said... 

Animation  sequences can be used to simply turn lights on between shows. (or even do other things)

In fact, I'm trying to figure out if I can trigger one animation as an overlay on another.. this way I can use motion detection to trigger leaping arches overtop (overlaid) on a static display as to follow cars, as they drive by (I have a Really long front yard)... over 600 feet..... could put 20 some arches all side by side.. LOL<  and if they are coming from the other direction a motion sensor at that end going the other way... :)

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