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Problems with show

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Hey folks 

I got a new PC and created a animated display.   Using a older version 3.0.4.  I launch the schedule and everything works fine and then just shuts down.  I have replaced the cat5 patch cable.  And it will come back on if I do a hard reset on the controller. Or if I end the show immediately and re start.  It might only last for 5min or 5 hours.  

Any ideas what could be the issue.  Help desk said to do a new patch cable. Which I did.  

The status light stays solid even when the lights are off. 

Using windows 7 software.  

Let me know.  Thanks. 

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Strange indeed. With a new PC might be worth upgrading your windows to something a little newer and reinstalling S3.  You could also just save your sequences and upgrade your LOR software.  Based on your description I feel this is probably a software issue causing this to bump off.  I know I have had issues with my schedule in the past when I have too many things running in the back ground on my PC, open the task manager and close any programs you don't need and put your PC in airplane mode or disconnect from the WIFI as auto updates and firewalls can also create issues with your schedule.  Good luck.


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I have up graded to the 4.3.26 running from a desktop.  I have found that it has shut down and then on channel stays on.

Any help would be great



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so when you say it just shuts down... how long does it run ? 1 min. 10, the length of the animation ??  there is a setting you have to check to "run show continually" or from x time to y time.

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