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Setting up RGB Pixel tree with starter controller?

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So this is my first light show and I am just getting top know how everything works. I have a RGB Pixel Tree with a Pixie controller to controll the LED lights on the tree. I also have the starter pack controller, the CTB16PC-ReadyToGO controller, to control the lights on my house. I have successfully set up and sequenced the lights to my house. They work with the controller and everything. I am also using the MP3 thing instead of my computer to send the info to the controlers.

So the problem comes to when I want to include the Pixel tree to the show. I thought I had set everything up correctly, making the house light controller UNIT ID 1 and the  pixie controller UNIT ID 2 and everything is on a regular network. When I play my show, only one of the LED strips light up and only 8 of the lights on that strip light up. It also looks like it is using the sequence I made for the songs in mu sequence editor rather that the pixel editor sequences I made. I have tried a lot of different set ups for the prop for my pixel tree and moving around the cables between remotes to see if it that was set up wrong. I do not know what is wrong and I can't figure it out.



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Just starting off has a huge learning curve, at least it did for me.  Let's start off by telling us what controller you bought for the RGB pixel tree.  I do know that I own a pixcon 16 and that requires a enhanced network, not the regular so I'm actually running on two different networks, one for all my CTB16PC controllers and the other for the pixcon.

Then, you can get a bit more granular on that theory and say if you running LOR on both networks, then you need two RS485 adapters.  UNLESS, you are running the pixcon via DMX, then that's another scenario.

But let's just work on your stuff.

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58 minutes ago, dorkycam said:

I believe it is a pixie 8 for the LED RGB tree and a CTB16PC-ReadyToGO and I don't know how to daisy chain them

You just plug a CAT5/6 cable into the 2nd jack in the CTB16PC and run it to the Pixie

If it (the CTB16) is a Gen3 model, you can use LOR enhanced mode. You should also use a HS(red) adapter so you can run at 500K speed. (Black is limited to 115K)

Rats: The pixie does not do that slow, You need a Red (HS) dongle

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Let me add to the mess here.

In the past the pixies (at least my older versions) would not even fire up lights outside of HU without the red HS RS485 adapter. With that out of the way I have assisted a slew of members setting theirs up and since LOR does not mention the need of the HS adapter during the sales the majority of them only have the black. They have been successful at running their small shows with the black adapter. While awaiting the red. Maybe with the new pixies with the dip switches something has changed. I do inform them they should order the red adapter since the lasting result of trying to run their tree/ matrix outside of HU is unknown. I haven't had any of them contact me saying their tree stopped working before getting the red adapter.

My point is, use the black adapter while awaiting the red, if it runs the show great, if it doesn't well no harm done. But for a 2 controller show it may work while awaiting your HS adapter.

Need help setting it up PM me a good cell # and time. Will have you up and running a very short time. I have a method to my madness.

Merry Christmas


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Yea, the red adapter is what you need. It’s high speed and that’s what the tree needs. I’m going through some of the same issues. I was told to use either the pixel editor or SuperStar program to get the Tree sequenced, then you have to export the sequences out of those programs to sequence editor, then add a new channel for your tree and go into the channel configuration and add the sequence in that way. After all of that, you have to have the Handel on the entire song for it to work.  I finally got mine running after about 2 weeks of emails and help tickets and finally calling and getting remote help from Brian who I guess wrote the SuperStar program or something and he walked me through it 

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