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Half of CCB string is out during show only

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I 've run into an issue with a string of 50 CCBs.  I noticed that about half of the string was out while a show was playing.  I tested the unit with the HU utility today and all of the lights are on and respond to the HU.  I reset the controller just to be sure to clear things.  Tonight, I have the show running and the string has about half of the lights out.

Does anyone have an idea on this one?  Is this the controller or string?  I haven't replaced the string yet.  I was going to do that in the morning.  What do  you think?  Thanks for the help.



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There are likely several possible causes, but the only time I have run into an issue like this in past years was when I had a "channel conflict" in my setup.  Did you run the verifier software to rule that out?

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