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problems with copying

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problems with copying
S 5.0.16    Desktop i7 windows 10 64 bits, Laptop i5 windows 10 64 bits.

I make the sequences in S5 on my desktop with 2 screens.
And have a laptop where I play them with S5.
When I copy the sequences to the laptop, everything seems to work well.
But he does not take over everything, then miss things.
I also lost the 2nd and 3rd layer of my 16ccr tree.
I have the same with more pixel strips where I used 2 layers or more.
When I create playback files and play them with S4, I do not have that problem.
I copy everything with that name to the laptop, or do I forget files that are somewhere else?

gr, Mark

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If you are sequencing on more than one computer, then you should also copy/synchronize all of the files in the "\Light-O-Rama\CommonData" folder.


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