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Christmas Ornament

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Hey everyone, 

So i have a Christmas tree ornament problem and I want to see if there is a fix for it. My wife and I have had this ornament that plugs into a bulb socket and it lights up and when it first turns on does this great tune of Santa taking off with his reindeer, its just been here with us since we first moved in together anyway we bought a new led tree and most of the plugins work except this one so i plugged it into an old string of lights and it works, so is there anything i can do so this will work on my new tree with out having to trow a old set of lights on it to get this to work, this thing is about 28 years old and not made anymore i check that out already.





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I would try to reversing from plug on the ornament to the socket.   The ornament probably has diode that is rectifying the AC power into DC.  When you plug into into an LED string the power is rectified already, if you get the polarity wrong it won't work.  This assumes that that LED socket is at close enough voltage for it.

The other approach is come up with a power supply  for it.  The voltage at socket for a mini-light string is around 2.5 volts (https://people.howstuffworks.com/culture-traditions/holidays-christmas/christmas-lights1.htm). 


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