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G3-MP3 Show Glitching / Sticking

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TL;DR: I've been experiencing seemingly random sticking and "shimmering" of my lights throughout the show, and I'm looking for a way to make it play correctly.  

The background: I'm running a G3 MP3 Director with two networks. 

  • Regular Network: 500k Enhanced with ~800 pixels; no issues.
  • Aux A: 56k Enhanced with 323 channels of full-wave LED lights.  Half of them (163 ch) are hardwired and run on enhanced programming, the other half (160 ch) run on non-enhanced programming over wireless transmitters.  I'm outputting enhanced and regular commands, and the hard-wired channels respond to both, the wireless channels only respond to their regular commands; and everything on the programming end of things works and looks as planned/programmed, except the occasional glitching.
  • Wiring: There's probably no more than 250' of cable total from the first controller to the last controller on both the wired and wireless portions; the wireless transmitters/receivers are 75' away from each other.  ELLs are the first connected device to the MP3 director.
  • All equipment is brand new for 2017.

The challenge: On the Aux A network, I'm having random channels (often on the same controller) that will "stick" on and stay on, or they will shimmer instead of their normal "on" command at various times throughout the show.  The problems persist until I either a) unplug / reset the controller with issues or b) remove and reinsert the SD card for the show.  Once I do that, things go back to normal. The glitching / sticking occurs on both the wireless and wired portions alike; there's no difference between the two portions; each portion (wired/wireless) glitches equally.  There's also no lag issues, either; I'm not using any compression or throttling.  It doesn't appear that any particular commands or places "trigger" the lights; sometimes they onset after a few songs, other times it starts with the first song.

While that's the most current configuration, I've also tried the following:

  • Prior to rewiring things yesterday to the aforementioned configuration, I had the lights on a different arrangement: the 163 channels (of enhanced prog.) were on the 500k network with the ~800 pixels (2400 channels; 2563 total); the wireless portion (160 ch) was on Aux A running at 115k (non-enhanced). Still glitching in various places on all the channels.  When I lowered the Aux A network to 56k by itself (i.e. 160 channels on it's own Aux A wireless network) all issues on that network only subsided; the 500k network continued to stick/glitch.  When I lowered the 500k network to 115k, we experienced a lot of lag, and throttling didn't seem to do much.
  • I originally was running 500k and 115k, but per Mike's post (linked below) I thought lowering the speeds would help. They didn't really solve any of the sticking or shimmering issues; the only thing that worked well was to switch the 115k to 56k...but that only solved half of the problem (and now everything is at 56k w/ issues still persisting).

To recap, I'm experiencing the glitching / shimmering on the Aux A network only; the 323 normal channels of LOR (CTB16PCs).  It occurs on both the wired and wireless portions, and we're not seeing any lag issues; we're already running at 56k. And the problems fix themselves after a reset of the show and/or controllers.

I'd appreciate anyone's insight into this strange issue.


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First off.... I had a fencer that is over 1500 feet away from my last controller cause your exact condition in a controller 300 feet farther away from the last controller (1800 total)... turned out.... (thought ground effect, was some what right).... turned out... no ground wire in the power cord to that controller.... ( steel in back of case acts as ground plane ???? no idea), replaced cord with grounded version, problem went away ( that was 2013), since then that controller has had ZERO problems.

I've had small issues with other controllers, fixed ALL of them with these....

NOTE THE 100 ohm resistors across 4 and 5  (the middle pair) generally the blue pair these go at the ends of the network.. one at the g3 the other at the far end of the last cable or the other plug in the last controller. (leaving the white female jack to replace the second jack in the controller.)




and with hot glue for protection




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