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A new computer....

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I needed to buy a new computer... the new software suite on it but now I don't know how to get all of my sequences on the new software. It's currently its on a memory stick. I saved it for this type of situation. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciate

Merry Christmas


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Copy paste and it is painstakingly slow. I just upgraded after Halloween. I just import as needed for Christmas until after the holiday.

Good luck 


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I upgraded from an xp to w7 computer a year ago. Once you load LOR software on new computer, copy/paste from  backup media, the "audio" and "sequence" folders under  "lightorama" (or whatever you named it)  Ifolder to  same folders on new computer. 


I don't kniow if w7/8/10 are consistant but going from xp to w7, the "user" folder structure where the lightoama folder is placed, is different between the two.   

I had to re--built the "show" file with the new locations of sequences and re-link in the show scheder, the correct location of  updated show file. 


Maybe quicker ways to do it but didn't take log versus spending time on how to do it quicker...just did it. 


When making backups and transferring sequences files, I only worry about the .lms file and nothing else so that save some transfer time. 



Also the "show" and "schedule" lingage betwee



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