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Lights not working or just shimmering

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So I finally got all my programming for this year done and hooked everything up correctly. Got the computer connected and everything works great. My problems come when I try to run a schedule or watch a sequence play on the lights in sequence editor. Some lights don't flash at all some shimmer constantly and nothing works with how i have it programmed. I can test everything in hardware utility and all the lights work correctly. Each is plugged in and I can test each individual light and they work. I bought a laptop specifically for the Christmas lights a year ago and used this exact computer last year and it worked great no problem. I didn't change anything this year and now i have this problem. I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any ideas? I am running V 4.3.14 Basic Plus. If you respond to this please know I am highly computer illiterate so unfortunately you need to dumb down the computer talk for me to understand. If anyone has any ideas please help. 

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