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New to SSS and now in PANIC mode...

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My show is so late getting up and running... I thought I had all the kinks worked out. 

I have 3 SUP files that I have run many times in SS and they play perfect.  I exported  them to existing sequences via intensity method. One is working as expected. The other two are a problem. One does nothing... no pixels light at all.  The other one all of the animation is goofed up, appears larger than it should. The sequence abruptly ends.

I exported them again via intensity method to a new sequence... Same results.

Get this... I exported and converted them to xLights and they work fine.... What am I missing?  I am completely new to SuperStar. My hardware has to be configured right as one works perfectly.

Please help.  I need to justify my upgrade to S4 Pro and from 2CCR to 24CCR SuperStar.  My family was expecting new additions to the AC lights this year.  The Mega Tree is currently a Mega Bomb...


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Are you running in CCR mode, or are you using an imported visualization?

If you are running in CCR mode, the unit ID or Universe information is set by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting Configuration.

Open the sequence that is working when you export it, and look at the settings in the Configuration dialog box. Then open the other two sequences and check that they are set the same.

If that is not it, let me know.

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CCR Mode.

I did find the two not working were configured wrong. Rain prevented me testing, but I feel confident that was the problem. 

I have been one to complain about the SSS pricing. I apologize. Though I had to dig deep to upgrade to 24 CCR  (and S4 to Pro) this month, your support is awesome. I can imagine you get tired / frustrated of the same problems and questions from so many of us. Thanks for being patient with me and others. 

Thank you for your prompt response. 

Now back to your tutorials so I can do my own sequences.  


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Glad you got it working. Glad to help, it is my job to get things working for you!

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