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S4 pixel editor show in S5

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Tried opening an S4 pixel editor show in S5.

Supposed to look like this..5a29bc05a2d37_Screenshot2017-12-0717_06_59.thumb.png.959d69ee3b90db908cf193a0a3a8cc44.png

But looks like this..


Is there something I need to do to get this to open properly?  I really like the new feel of S5 so I hope I can get this moved over without having to recreate and adjust the props.

Thank you!


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5 hours ago, Marty Belisle said:

I'm having similar difficulties.  All of the changes I made to my 2017 Previews I created in S4 Pixel editor do not appear in the migration to S5.  

S4 Pixel Editor previews and S5 previews are stored in separate files. The conversion is done the very first time you open the S5 Sequencer -- any subsequent changes to your S4 Pixel Editor previews are not converted.

If you want the conversion to run again, rename the S5 preview file: "\Light-O-Rama\CommonData\LORPreviews.xml" to "\Light-O-Rama\CommonData\LORPreviews.xml.old"


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I changed the file name to the .old reopened S5 to check in the manage previews and none of the changes to the PE preview I did in 2017 S4 show up in the S5 preview nor do any of the props that were controlled in S4 SE show up.  I just converted to S5 so there were no subsequent changes made in S4.  My 2017 Previews converted and show up in S5 under manage previews however it looks like only PE props from 2016 show up.  

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